German Version

Borderland Encountering Philippine Healers
A documentary by Lisei Caspers

With "Borderland" a young film- maker tries to explore the universal issues of disease and healing.
What is the meaning of disease and healing? And what is the impact of faith and hope in this context? Does physical disease inevitably have to be connected to organic dysfunctions or which other aspects interact?

In looking for answers, the film- maker takes the audience on a journey to a foreign culture and presents a different understanding of disease and its causes.

The journey starts in Manila where the film- maker meets with Father Corsie S. Legaspi. Their communication clarifies the Philippine people's strong faith in the existence of a spiritual world and in God, which represents a central aspect of the film.

In encountering seven Philippine healers, the film- maker describes several concepts of healing like Faith Healing, Magnetic Healing and Psychic Surgery.

"It is only a cancer, but the word of God is very powerful" another Philippine, a cancer patient, says. Six months later she is cured and no visible traces of cancer cells are left. Healers use only their bare hands to open and operate the human body. The infected tissue is removed painlessly and no scars are left. This concept and technique of healing and operating shakes the Western civilization's rational perception of the world.

The film- maker further accompanies a young German cancer patient on his journey to the Philippines. Lisei Caspers sensitively documents how the young man and his mother cope with the situation and portrays their expectations, emotions and fears.

In the end, this movie provokes more questions than the film- maker is willing to answer. This is a film that does not want to convince, but to make its audience think.

The DVD production proceeds support a new project, which aims to gather young people to discuss and deal with genetic engineering. Supported by Medienprojekt Wuppertal